My Classroom 

I'm in that line of kids... this is in my new class, my teacher is Tim.

Trick or Treating with My Cousin Lindsay 

My cousin and I in Lewisville Colorado on Halloween.

Justin's Latest Release 

Justin sings

Dirt Biking 

I got this new bike that attaches to my mom's... this way we can go really fast and ride up dirt trails. I loved this ride, we zoomed down the hill really fast. I shouted to my mom "Do you feel the wind?!!".

Creativity in Gary's House 

I call this place Gary's House, because we're renting this house from a man named Gary. I like this place, it backs up to a park and its really comfortable.

This Will be My New House 

This is going to be my new house very soon. I'm excited because I'll get to live near my friend Ben!

Trying Something New 

This is a picture of me devouring some Calamari... who would have guessed that I love it so!?

Moved to Colorado 

I've moved to Fort Collins Colorado! Life couldn't be more different, except that I'm now closer to my cousins Lindsay and Owen! I'm very happy to be near them again. This is a picture of Lindsay and I in the foothills.

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