Getting things done 

Out fixing Scott's Truck- and I just happened to peek through these and my dad took the picture.

Pancake Face 

Nothing like a pancake cake for fun!

Me and My Cousin Owen 

It was such a wonderful day- we had donuts and cake and endless pool fun!! I love Owen's birthday!

My Cousins 

Those are my cousins, Lindsay and Owen- guarding the cake!

Kreme Love 

Enjoying a Krispy Kreme at Owen's pool party!

Tickle Pile 

We all climbed aboard my dad to torment him with tickles.

Justin Tries on a Motorcycle Helmut... 

I'm so ready to get a bike and go riding with my uncle Scotty and my Dad. My mom says we'll get a 4 wheeler and ride together! That would be cool too.

Under the Sheets With Grandpa- My Mom and Scotty As Kids. 

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