When Its Hot, Play In the Mist 

What's cool is that my dad joined in and rode through the rain too!

When Its Hot, Ride The Mist 

My dad rigged me some artificial rain on one our hottest days this year.

Me and My Cousin Owen 

I couldn't let Owen get sinked all by himself- he needs back up at such a young age! He's my bud. I love him.

My First Mallow Roast 

My entry into fire. I loved having our mini cookout- my first burned mallows. I dig them.

A Car Crew 

My cars are all dressed up and ready to party.


When mom can't find the screwdriver she opts for cookware.

My Funny Valentine 

Today, I gave Lindsay my heart. She gave me some candy in return. Yum yum.

In the Dawg House 

My buddies fit and we're hanging out, it only makes
sense for me to get in on all the fun.

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