My Funny Valentine 

Today, I gave Lindsay my heart. She gave me some candy in return. Yum yum.

In the Dawg House 

My buddies fit and we're hanging out, it only makes
sense for me to get in on all the fun.

and more parade 

Cool! Aliens!

More Parade 

Some guys in the spirit!

More Parade 

Give me some Mister!

The Start of Mardi Gras 

The first Mardi Gras parade in my hometown.

You Say its Your Birthday!! 

Those are pictures of me all decked out for Lindsay's birthday party.
Her birthday was today and I had a lot of fun. It was cool, she had it at Stix and I got to see my grandma, grandpa and uncle Scotty too. We got to see the Hibatchi guys make big fire and we got to have cake - yum! Bye.

Me and My Friend 

That's me hanging out with Lindsay in our self constructed camp site.
We played here for hours all on our own, it was good fun.

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