You Say its Your Birthday!! 

Those are pictures of me all decked out for Lindsay's birthday party.
Her birthday was today and I had a lot of fun. It was cool, she had it at Stix and I got to see my grandma, grandpa and uncle Scotty too. We got to see the Hibatchi guys make big fire and we got to have cake - yum! Bye.

Me and My Friend 

That's me hanging out with Lindsay in our self constructed camp site.
We played here for hours all on our own, it was good fun.

That's Gramps! 

That is my Granpa. He's a FedEx captain and on this trip he flew over Turkey and was in Athens Greece and Israel. He's cool- he got me into Nascar big time!

Still Life of Dad 

Close up - great composition I think. My dad.

Still Life with Pumpkin 

My dad at work- carving pumpkins with me.

Still Life with Pumpkin 

My mom at work on her pumpkin...

Still Taking Portraits 

I am still busy busy with the camera when I can get my hands on it.
I took this picture of Lindsay at her beach house in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Blue Birthday 

That's me enjoying some frosting at Kaitlyn's birthday party today.
I really enjoyed myself.

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