Pin Le Chapau 

Playing Pin Le Chapau- not bad... :-)

Coloring with other French Students 

I met and played with older kids at French Camp.
I colored with Nicole, Erin and Ben. Ben was the
nicest guy- he looked out for me the whole camp.

A New Game I Like 

This was the first time I had ever seen croquet.
I really enjoyed playing.

Part of the Poster 

I contributed to the community poster at French Camp.
My guy is the one on the far right in purple, pink and blue shoes.

I Climbed It 

That's me at Horsetooth Rock! Yeay! I climbed really well that day.

My Classroom 

I'm in that line of kids... this is in my new class, my teacher is Tim.

Trick or Treating with My Cousin Lindsay 

My cousin and I in Lewisville Colorado on Halloween.

Justin's Latest Release 

Justin sings

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